Ohio University

Learning & Intelligent Systems Lab

Jundong Liu, PhD

Jundong Liu directs the Learning & Intelligent Systems Lab (LiSL) at Ohio University. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and is affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering (BME) program.

Research Interests: Machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, neuromorphic computing and their applications in computer vision, biomedical image analysis, human speech and languages, radar signal processing, information retrieval and vision-guided autonomy.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Computer Information Science and Engineering, University of Florida; M.S., Computer Science, Peking University; B.S., Computer Science, Wuhan University.

Phone: 740-593-1603

Email: liuj1@ohio.edu

Address: Stocker Center 321A, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701

Nidal Abuhajar

PhD student

Research interests: Deep learning; Speech, Spiking NN

Yuanhang Zhang

PhD student

Research interests: Deep Learning; Path planning

Sirui Song

PhD student

Research interests: CV, Reinforcement learning; Autonomy

Xi Qin

PhD student

Research interests: Computer vision; Generative AI

Ye Yue

PhD Student

Research interests: Spiking NN, CV, Generative AI

Rajashree Majumder

PhD Student

Research interests: Computer Vision, NLP

James Pennington

PhD Student

Research interests: RL/DL/robotics

Danny Nagura

MS Student

Research interests: RL/robotics

Kaeden Saunders

Incoming PhD Student

Research interests: Neuromorphic Computing; Robotics

Davin Dillon

PhD Student

Research interests: Deep Learning; RL/robotics

Kelab Keichel

Undergraduate Student

Research interests: Generative AI

Michael Tan

Undergraduate Student

Research interests: Deep Learning; Image fusion

Abishek Lakandri

MS in CS

James Daniels

MS in CS

Humpy Pininti

MS in CS

Gavin McGee

MS in CS; Scientist in ISL Inc.

Marc Baltes

MS in CS; Machine Learning Engineer, CFD Research

Kirk Saunders

MS in CS; Amazon Alexa AI

Tao Sun

PhD in CS; Researcher in CWI ML group

Shuyu Gong

MS in CS; Senior Software Engineer in Walmart

Yuan Chen

PhD in ISE; MS in CS

Colton Smith

MS in CS; Scientist in ISL Inc.

Zhewei Wang

PhD in CS; Research Scientist in Harvard/MGH

Yani Chen

PhD in CS, Research Scientist in ASML.

Pin Zhang

PhD in CS, Staff Scientist in Black Sesame Tech.

Bibo Shi

PhD in CS, MS in BME, Machine Learning Scientist, Hologic Inc.

Kevin H. Hobbs

MS in CS

Huihui Xu

PhD in CS, Software engineer, Futurewei Tech.

David Days

MS in CS, Senior Software Engineer in MapLarge

Yiran Liu

MS in CS; Engineer in ByteDance

Yang Wang

MS in CS, Portfolio Manager, Bosera Asset Management Co.

Marc Macenko

MS in CS; Patent Attorney at Withrow & Terranova PLLC.

Binhua Liao

Visiting Scholar; Associate Prof., Huazhong Normal University.

Shuisheng Xie

PhD in CS

Xin Qian

MS in CS

Jie Zhang

MS in CS